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Creatively, Stylish, Personality, Precision, Functionality, Zeitgeist beauty, Uniqueness, Flaming hot – ZengaZ - sees the beauty in things and transforms them into creatively pieces. It offers durable and innovative Jet-Flame products for an ever-changing world. No-nonsense items bearing a unique mark and style. Products that capture your heart, for yourself or as gifts for others.

And if you’ve ever got a ZengaZ product, you’ll discern: uncompromisingly creative, with a unique style and fashionable perspective on its design will definitely go on. We can hardly wait…


ZengaZ - Unique mechanism of jet flame reaches a temperature 600~1300 Celsius degree or 1100~2400 Fahrenheit degree; Multifunctional and personalized products uses in any weather conditions and environmental conditions. ZengaZ product strictly adheres to ongoing safety testing requirements, precise and high quality products conforms to all International standard such as ISO standard, EN and ASTM norm.


ZengaZ - Designed by sophisticated engineers and designers from Japanese, South Korean and German. Wide range of multifunctional products to give consumers a lot of choice, not only suitable for gifts and daily consumer goods, but also is applicable to professional DIY consumers. More encouragingly, ZengaZ product has been widely popular in the tobacco industry.


ZengaZ - Creatively and stylish product designs brings consumer plenty of variety of surprise and experience. Convenient and attractive packaging with originality patented design be born with zeitgeist beauty. ZengaZ crafts only a few new designs at a time, allowing for unsurpassed attention to detail and eye-catching packaging second to none.


ZengaZ – Aiming for those successful and active middle-class who advocate flaming hot lifestyle, discovering, travelling and personality fashion. ZengaZ has built a solid reputation with customers and consumers for innovative, cool products, fair price and attentive customer service, and it superiority offers customers an immediate return on investment.
ZengaZ – Future Technology
Our innovative lighters feature:
High reliability in any weather and environmental conditions
Piezoelectric starter ensure at least 4000 to 5000 ignitions
Convenient to refill via precise inlet valve
High quality gas tank resists to high temperatures above 65°С / 150°F
User-friendly designed flame adjustor
Elegant & steady jet flame reach the temperature 600-1300 °С / 1100-2400°F
Safe and easy to use
A one-year warranty is to be provided
ATTENTION! * Keep out of reach of Children
* It is highly recommended to fill all our re-fillable lighters with ZengaZ gas
* It is recommended not to use lighters in a condition below 0°С/32°F
* Never touch the top of nozzle during or after using
* Do not use lighters in any situation that would require a continuous flame for more than 10 seconds
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